Perth Website Services

Treat your website like a client-facing employee. To be successful it must look professional, communicate effectively and operate efficiently.

At Gilligan Group, we create functional, responsive websites that are easy to use and difficult to ignore.

Gilligan Group’s Perth-based web services team delivers a complete website development experience, from initial strategy through to wireframing, design, hosting and optimisation. As a boutique Western Australian web design and development business, we offer secure, world-class hosting and personal service which continues long after your site goes live.

A website is your hardest-working employee, representing your brand, fielding queries and engaging with clients 24/7.

Not all websites are created equal. More than just a place to post news or images of your business, a well-designed website serves as a media centre, portfolio and customer service tool, all rolled into one. The centrepiece of your organisation’s digital presence, your website serves as a functional, attractive point of contact for customers new and old. A feature-rich and intuitive website is found easily, directs visitors to the information they need and makes it simple for them to take action by purchasing products, filling out a contact form or recommending articles to a friend.

Wordpress Website Design & Development

Great websites don’t happen by accident. From establishing the website’s place within your digital strategy through to wireframing, visual design choices and menu layouts, every step of our web development process helps to refine your digital offerings and create a functional, eye-catching website that attracts visitors and encourages them to take action.

User Experience (UX) Design & Consultancy

Good user experience (‘UX’) can be hard to define, but you know it when you see it. Great loading times, intuitive menu designs, a logical navigational flow from one page to the next – all these elements contribute to a website that is enjoyable to use, allowing you to find what you need quickly and easily.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting is not usually the first element a business considers when planning a website, but like so many things that go on ‘behind the scenes’, the implications are profound. The way in which your site is hosted can affect loading speeds, security and even how highly your site ranks in search engine results.

Website CMS Management

The Content Management System (CMS) is the driver’s seat of your website, allowing you to add content, update media, access insights and much more. Gilligan Group websites use customised WordPress CMS platforms to deliver improved functionality, security and ease of use so you can take control of your website and ensure the best possible user experience.

Our Capabilities


Part data, part creativity and completely essential, marketing is the one element no business can afford to neglect.


From colouring, design elements and typography through to straplines and style guides, we develop brand guides that reflect your organisation's values.


Gilligan Group’s strength lies in thinking differently, embracing the unorthodox along with the tried and true.