SEO Copywriting Services

Struggling to explain your business? Don’t dumb it down – talk it up with Perth’s best SEO copywriting services.

Perth-based SEO copywriting services for business.

Too often, web developers treat content as an afterthought.

In reality, even the most eye-catching website is just a vehicle for written content. People come to your site to find information – anything from product descriptions, opening hours and service capabilities to the spark of inspiration that brought your business into being. If this information can’t be found, read and understood, visitors will look elsewhere.

Benefit from our local knowledge and global expertise.

Unlike many businesses who choose to outsource their SEO copywriting services offshore, Gilligan Group is based in Perth. Our team of content writers don’t work from templates or scripts – each project is developed uniquely and in consultation with the client, from design to sign-off.

Our writers thrive on technical topics.

Copywriting for the web is a blend of science, technical writing and storytelling. Just as your business developed a name for itself in a technical field, we’re proud to provide you with access to a Perth based SEO copywriting team that doesn’t tire of a technical topic.

Our experienced technical writers, bring an eye for detail to any industry, interviewing topical experts with ease to uncover the critical facts and eloquently create a commercial message that remarkably resonates with your buyer. We make business-to-business marketing simple, digging through the pages of tech specs so your clients don’t have to.

The keys we use to craft effective content for your business

  • Close consultation to establish the correct tone for your web copy
  • Workshopping key messages and definition of your value proposition
  • Extensive research and analysis to determine the most effective key words and LSI terms
  • Technical and industry expertise, helping us to communicate commercial and compelling messages to your clients
  • Use of high-calibre SEO tools to ensure your content reaches the desired audience

Keen to know more? Visit our digital portfolio to see some of the projects we’re particularly proud of, and make sure to contact us below.