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Revitalising a trusted financial report to extend reach

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PCF Capital Group publishes the Resources Thermometer, a regular report on commodity prices. While the data in the Thermometer is always informative and meticulously researched, a dated design and format were limiting readership. Gilligan Group delivered a fresh design supported by video and social content to extend reach and increase appeal.


PCF Capital Group is a leading independent advisory firm servicing the global resources sector. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, the team at PCF Capital Group have executed acquisitions, divestments and M&A deals totalling more than $4 billion since 1999.

The trust placed in PCF by clients is due in large part to their expertise and insights, demonstrated through projects like the Resources Thermometer. Published quarterly, the Resources Thermometer presents and analyses trends in the prices of gold, copper, nickel and other globally-traded commodities.


  • Report Redesign
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Media Relations
  • Email Campaign

Our Approach

Gilligan Group began by examining the role of the Resources Thermometer in PCF Capital Group’s overall strategy, defining the current state of the publication and setting desired outcomes.

The Resources Thermometer serves the dual function of delivering insights to investors and building PCF Capital Group’s reputation as a trusted provider of financial information and services. Given that trust and authority are central to the publication’s messaging, Gilligan Group approached the document redesign by examining the data delivered in the report and working to support and enhance it, creating a layout and palette that combined visual appeal, clarity of presentation and ease of use.

The integrity of the data was paramount, so the document was recalibrated to include highlights and key takeaways alongside the traditional charts and graphs. On an aesthetic level, the colours for each commodity (gold, zinc, copper, nickel and iron ore) were generated by sampling images of the raw materials, lending distinction to the design. The complementary colours were taken from PCF Capital Group’s logo, helping the publication to function as an extension of the central brand and tie the messaging together.

We found Gilligan Group to be very polished and professional and I was blown away with the end result. Fabulous team to work with.

Liam Twigger – Managing Director, PCF Capital Group

Resources Thermometer Q1 2021: Introduction

To support the launch of the new-look Thermometer, the Gilligan Group video content team filmed an introductory message from PCF Capital Group’s Managing Director Liam Twigger. Shot on location in his West Perth office, Liam Twigger’s video message was three minutes long and contained custom title cards and text animations to highlight key insights.

Upon launch, a series of scheduled social media posts and a new email template were used to supplement traditional media channels, enhancing the Thermometer’s reach and encouraging public reposting on platforms such as LinkedIn. The end result is an informative, well-designed document that provides essential investment insights to the public and bolsters PCF Capital Group’s reputation as an authoritative financial services provider.