Paraplegic Benefit Fund

A new digital platform to raise awareness for spinal injury protection

More Work
Raising awareness for a not for profit like PBF (The Paraplegic Benefit Fund) who exist to reduce the impact and incidence of spinal cord injury is an important job. We’re proud to have designed PBF’s website twice over in a seven year period – that must mean we’ve done a good job!


PBF have been a client of Gilligan Group since 2014. When we were approached to review how to tackle the changing digital landscape and the performance of the previous website we were excited to have the opportunity to redevelop the site again six years on.

A digital audit conducted by Gilligan Group revealed a strong content strategy that was being let down by an over complicated pathway to conversion as well as a dated user experience. A refreshed web presence was needed to properly represent PBF’s values and mission, ensuring ongoing support for their great organisation.

Visit PBF’s website 


  • Digital audit
  • Website redesign

Our Approach

Our goal was to design a new website that engaged 2021 user trends and dynamic capabilities that would positively influence the way visitors were interacting with the PBF brand and behaviours towards membership and donations. Following a comprehensive audit of the existing PBF site, our design was targeted towards a more intuitive site structure, more accessible ‘sign up’ forms and elegant yet visual UI. Leveraging all the site analytics and business knowledge we’d collected over time, an overhaul of meta descriptions was also on the hit list.

The redesign process began with: 

  • Identifying PBF’s key offerings and using them to build an intuitive site hierarchy taking into account the optimal site journey for users.
  • Conducting an SEO audit, which provided insight into the high-performing topics on the existing site, and areas for improvement.

We’re really proud of our collaboration with PBF – what we’ve delivered is a minimalistic UI, creating space for asymmetrical layouts and overlapping elements with more video. The new website remains a critical communication tool for PBF to drive impact within the quadriplegic and paraplegic community.

We engaged Gilligan Group in 2014 to design and develop a new PBF website. We have remained a satisfied client ever since, and in 2021 they were our first choice to redevelop and refresh our site. Their client-first approach, flexibility and expertise ensured the delivery of a new look website with improved functionality. We are delighted with the result and would recommend Gilligan Group’s services.

Martin Browning – Chief Executive Officer, PBF Australia