CSE Crosscom

Connecting a telecommunications integrator with the right audience.

More Work
With a growth strategy built on acquisitions and critical communication solutions, CSE Crosscom turned to Gilligan Group for the redefinition of its commercial messaging and development of an integrated marketing approach to its new business structure.


CSE Crosscom, part of the CSE Global Group of Companies, delivers innovative communication solutions in demanding environments, from emergency services to airports to schools. No stranger to the ICT sector and two way radio technologies, Gilligan Group were approached by CSE Crosscom in 2017 during a business restructure to support a new go to market strategy for their consolidation of three subsidiary business groups.

We developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure clear, consistent messaging around the new business structure, and armed CSE Crosscom with a suite of marketing tools including a shiny new website, digital content strategy, policy frameworks and sales toolkits.

Since this time we’ve become a trusted advisor on all areas of content strategy and media relations, as well as relaunching CSE Crosscom’s digital platforms.


  • Website Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Messaging and Identity Framework
  • Policy Development
  • PR and Communications
  • Content Strategy
  • Sales Toolkit

Our Approach

Speaking the language of a telco integrator is a space we feel comfortable – the ICT lingo and technical understanding we’ve developed over the last decade within the commercial two way radio industry  has seen us work Australia-wide with groups including Motorola Solutions, the Orion Network and Mastercom.

When CSE Crosscom acquired three of our clients, it was a natural progression to support the organisation’s direction and smooth integration of collective telecommuications solutions into a concise sales spiel.

Since these early days, we’ve covered a lot of ground, working with the state managers and the Australian general manager to launch a new national website and generate a regular flow of content via digital platforms and media relations campaigns.

We’re focused on distilling complex technical information into simple, engaging language, often employing infographics to showcase how their industry solutions provide competitive advantage and return on investment.

CSE Crosscom have partnered with Gilligan Group on a number of individual projects, along with a diverse range of regular and ongoing marketing activities.
We find the level of service to be very professional and aligned to our company goals.
The team at Gilligan Group always strive to ensure a clear understanding of the purpose behind our desired outcomes and the content they provide is testament to their engagement throughout the process.

Alistair Tibballs - General Manager, CSE Crosscom