AAMEG Africa Awards

Putting an event and PR strategy behind the world's first African Mining Awards

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The purpose of the 2020 Africa Awards was clear: to champion the ethical practice of Australian resources companies across the African continent. It was up to Gilligan Group to conceptualise and build a profile for the world's first African mining awards.


Gilligan Group conceptualised the AAMEG Africa Awards together with the Australia Africa Minerals and Energy Group in 2019. In the event’s inaugural year, significant research and strategic thinking was required to create a sustainable blueprint to carry the event forward into subsequent years.

In 2020, Gilligan Group were reengaged as event strategy, media and communication consultants to gain maximum impact and credibility among influential stakeholders for the AAMEG Africa Awards.


  • Event Strategy
  • Sponsorship
  • Media Relations
  • Communications Plan

Our Approach

On approval of our convincing event marketing strategy for the 2020 AAMEG Africa Awards, we engaged with AAMEG management, the ESG working group and judging panel—to define the award categories and criteria, nomination process, budgets and timelines.

We developed a media engagement plan, including an official media launch, ensuring maximum impact within mainstream and niche media publications. Underpinned by key event milestones, including the call for nominations, submissions webinar, announcement of nominees and official awards ceremony, we delivered a compelling content plan comprising social media, press releases, blogs and e-newsletter announcements.

Culminating in an official awards ceremony at the Africa Down Under Conference, the event attracted 11 nominations across 3 award categories, drawing more than 100 mining and energy professionals who experienced both ‘on-stage’ and ‘video cast’ judges presentations.

Gilligan Group continues to be a trusted partner of AAMEG as their outsourced PR and Communications team.

Gilligan Group were instrumental in developing the AAMEG Africa Awards in 2019—becoming an extended part of the AAMEG team during the months-long planning and realisation stages of our inaugural event. Where they really shone was in articulating the “why” of the Awards, translating this into a clear value proposition and communicating this to key stakeholders within the minerals and energy sector. We received significant interest and positive feedback from the industry and government stakeholders, with a total of 9 nominations in our first year and 11 in our second year, even during a pandemic, a result that speaks for itself.

Bill Witham – CEO, AAMEG

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