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Creative Process

Problem solve. Strategise. Deliver. We find out what makes your customer tick, we analyse your competitors, we study your business objectives to design seamless, integrated campaigns that create lasting impact.

Whether it’s a blank canvas rebrand, a strategic issues-management campaign or a shiny suite of new merchandise, we get excited by the possibilities of your brand. Together we solve your business problems with bold, purposeful ideas.


Getting started is an exciting process of discovery

This is where the fun begins! Come in for a coffee, meet the team and see how you feel in our creative vibrancy. We’re think we’re a balance of light-heartedness and dedication. Come through the office to our boardroom and we’ll call in our strategists and account management team.

Tell us about your business, we’ll say. We’ll pepper you with questions to get all the ideas and angles on the table. We’ll suggest some strategies to lift your profile e.g. working on your social media, public relations, an SEO audit or even a total brand redevelopment. If you like it, let’s make it official.


Teaming up is the best

way to move forward

Thank you! Thank you for trusting us to take the reins with your marketing. You’ve outsourced your marketing to a creative agency in Perth, now it’s time to let go a bit and let us take care of things. We thrive on opportunities like yours, and we hope you’ll be wowed by what we offer.

Some of the first things we’ll do is benchmark your business against your peers and identify opportunities you can capitalise on. We’ll audit your website and social media with a trained lens on what is working and what could be better to grow your market share.


Collaboration leads to a

new brand toolkit

A brand refresh is a big deal! We will run a fun messaging workshop with your key stakeholders. Bring in your management team as well as your personnel at the coalface. Leave your job titles at the door. Every idea is worthy!

Be it a full-day brand or messaging workshop with key stakeholders or a series of phone calls with your site team, we’ll roll our sleeves up and pose all those tricky questions that can’t be asked in a normal day to day working environment. We’ll then organise all these ideas and set you up with a brand toolkit to set you up for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to
get started? 

Gilligan Group is the marketing agency you need to build your brand reputation and grow market share. Reach out and let’s start a conversation.