How Will Google's Algorithm Changes Impact Your Business?

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Every few months, Google rolls out a core algorithm update, reassessing the order in which websites rank on search results pages. Understanding the impact of these changes on your site can help to boost your rankings and connect with clients. 

New Google updates (and their effects on business websites) explained!

For search engines, regular updates are needed to ensure that quality content and up-to-date pages are put first, and deceptive or spam-filled pages drop further down the list. Google representatives explained the process in a blog post: “As new sites emerge and the web changes, continued updates are key to ensuring we’re supporting a wide range of publishers, creators and businesses, while providing searchers with the best information available.”

Whilst the updates don’t target specific pages, many people will experience changes in where they are ranked in search results. For some websites, popularity skyrockets, whereas others may see page visits drop dramatically, or show no noticeable change.

It is important to be aware of how often Google’s core algorithm updates occur. This is because it allows your business to understand whether fluctuations in visitor traffic are organic or in response to external factors.

What has the recent update impacted?

Google has made it a priority to target any content that makes unverified or slanderous claims about other people. This sees the websites that release fake news and unsubstantiated data fall in search rankings.

Websites whose content is deemed to have no value to the reader are being identified as “thin sites.” A number of factors contribute to this ranking, from poorly arranged information to deliberately misleading titles. Thin sites are being recognised in the core updates and ranked lower in the search engines as a result.

Scraper spam is another element being recognised in the algorithm updates. These sites use AI tools to identify highly rated SEO pages from the web and amalgamate them into a single page, attempting to gain traffic. The more traffic they receive, the more revenue they can generate from pop-up ads.

These updates are intended to prioritise genuine, informative sites over less scrupulous operators. However, it can also affect pages whose layout, content or metadata is not optimised for Google’s particular tastes. To make sure your site is not affected, take a look at some of the tips below.

Tips for working with Google’s new algorithm

Although Google won’t reveal the precise ranking factors that boost a website to the top of a search page, Gilligan Group’s Perth-based team of SEO specialists and creatives have plenty of experience in tailoring site content to improve search results. Our aim is to help your business understand the way search engines think, and how this can be leveraged to improve stakeholder connections.

The basic rule is to make sure all content on your website is relevant, original, and thoroughly proofread. If you’re a confident writer and know your topic well, this might not be an issue. However, if you do need help, an experienced copywriter can help your site get the attention it deserves.

If you’ve optimised your content and still don’t feel like your website is receiving as much traction as it used to (or just want to build up your audience), run through the following checklist:

  • Page speed: Did your page load in under three seconds?
  • Keywords: Make sure you are pinpointing the most relevant keywords to create your content around.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Will your website automatically change page format to suit a mobile device?
  • User engagement: Ensure your site is interactive and easy to navigate, which will assist in reducing the bounce rate.
  • Utilise YouTube: As one of the largest search engines in the world, YouTube will likely be an integral part of SEO strategies, and by creating videos now, you won’t fall behind.

If you feel that your website is taking a hit from Google’s algorithm core updates or you’re wanting to gain more traction, contact Gilligan Group’s digital team, who specialise in SEO copywriting services and attracting online traffic for your site.

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