ESG Communications and Sustainable Marketing

Sustainability, ethical initiatives and ESG are more valued in the business world than ever before. Highlight your work with a sustainable marketing campaign and spread the good word.

Sustainability communications for the WA mining and industrial sector

Put your ESG and sustainability targets to work with tailored messaging.

Who cares about sustainability?

You do – and so do your stakeholders. The research shows that consumers, businesses and the wider public are increasingly likely to list sustainability, environmental responsibility and ethical practices as being an important factor when choosing whether or not to support an organisation. Touting your existing sustainability wins or highlighting new positive practices is likely to attract attention, increase trust and forge new relationships with stakeholders.

Social licence and registration, please.

Explorers, producers and other operators in the mining and resources sector need to secure community approval – otherwise known as a social licence to operate– before commencing work.

Having a social licence to operate isn’t just critical in a legislative sense, but also for reinforcing a stakeholder’s positive perception of a company and its operations. Failure to comply with basic environmental, social and governmental outcomes is not so easily ignored and when push comes to shove, stakeholders will seldom choose a company who isn’t demonstrating ethical practice over a company who is.

How can you show the world your ESG work?

Good governance, a commitment to sustainability and an ethical outlook – these are all valuable assets from a business perspective, but it can be difficult to communicate them in an accessible way. That’s where we come in. Gilligan Group’s experienced team of Perth-based communications specialists know how to identify and highlight the elements of your business that appeal to investors, clients and communities.

ESG communications from an agency that knows ESG

As a marketing agency, there are many ways that Gilligan Group itself can contribute to organisations or projects with tangible impacts.

One way we help is through providing marketing services to charity organisations, enhancing their social footprint and helping them to get the word out about the amazing things that they are doing within their local community.

On a larger scale, Gilligan Group founder and director, Skye Gilligan, established the not for profit dubbed ‘the Norkama Project.’ This project sees donations collected for distribution in West Africa, with a focus on the supply of educational material, sporting equipment and medical supplies to those most in need.

When it comes to your personal ESG communications, you can rest assured that the Gilligan Group team appreciate good practice. We will devise a strategy to profile your work articulately and reflect who you are as a brand.

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