Business Social Media Management in Perth

Let us take the reins. We’ll manage your social media so you can focus on getting down to business.

How can our social media management services boost your Perth business?

A well-designed website attracts clients – a social media management package keeps them.

Fresh content, targeted messages and regular updates help to ensure that your business maintains great relationships across all social media channels. Whether you’re running a one-shot campaign or looking to build long-term clout, Gilligan Group’s social media marketing team will help you grow your online presence.

Choose your social media channels and set the speed.

Do you feel confident writing your own social media posts? Our Perth-based team can help you select the best social channels for your business and set you on the right path. Feeling in over your head? We’ll step in with scheduled, tailor-made posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Our experienced social media management team have the technical expertise to drive your engagement to new levels.

How can we ensure your social media presence is pulling its weight?

  • Identify the social media channels that work best for you and your partners. Are you working with a LinkedIn crowd, or a selfie-loving bunch of Instagram influencers?
  • Work out an optimal schedule for posts – too much and you’ll dilute the message, too little and you’ll lose followers.
  • Produce well-crafted posts with the right message and eye-catching images.
  • Get more than ‘likes’ from your social media with links, click-throughs and embedded purchase options.

Extend your reach with social media advertising.

Paid social media advertising is one of the best ways to connect with new partners and potential clients, but it’s important to be strategic. A scatter-shot approach will drain your bank accounts without reaching those who might be interested in your business. At Gilligan Group, we use technical expertise and local knowledge to pinpoint the best times to post, the optimal words and phrases to use and the most effective strategies to get eyes on your ads.