Branding Guidelines and Style Guides

Every brand has a story to tell. Let your brand do the storytelling for you. Elevate your brand’s value and cultivate trust with a cohesive and consistent brand style guide.

A Brand Identity That Speaks for Itself.

A style guide is a key business asset, providing clear direction for creating branded content. This vital document guides your business in creating consistent and cohesive messaging, helping you to build an authentic and trustworthy brand.

Branding Guidelines That Focus On What Matters To You

Want to stand out from your competitors? Gilligan Group takes your brand narrative and creates a meaningful strategy to distinguish your business from its competitors and strengthen your brand’s position in the market.

While strong branding has always been important, it’s easier than ever for your message to get lost in today’s oversaturated media ecosystem. To avoid this, professional, well-crafted branding can help to create a memorable impression and connect you directly with your target audience.

A Style Guide Is More Than Just Logo Design

A brand style guide encompasses so much more than just a logo. Gilligan Group’s design and strategy team works to incorporate visual and language elements, creating branding guidelines that align with your business ethos. Colours, font choices, formatting, and imaging work together to evoke an emotional response from viewers, helping to distinguish your brand and forge a connection with clients.

Our process is proudly collaborative – we work to understand your story and inspirations, then craft a brand that strengthens your business going forward. Ready to move? Call us to get the ball rolling.

Consistency Is Key To Branding And Message Creation

A well-designed style guide goes beyond visual elements to provide the essential tone of your brand. Is your brand corporate? Irreverent? Revolutionary? Clear branding guidelines ensure that these messages are delivered consistently through every email, Tweet, and telephone conversation. When clients receive messages in a consistent tone, they are more likely to place trust your business.

Beyond ensuring consistency, a style guide can also function as a training tool for initiating new staff into the company culture, a means of attracting investment and a physical distillation of intellectual property, representing the value in your brand recognition and procedures.

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