We’ve Moved! New Home for the Gilligan Group Team in 2021

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Gilligan Group is embracing 2021 as the year for capitalising on opportunities.

In response to growing demand for a local agency experienced in technical service marketing for the mining, industrial and corporate sectors we have moved to a new premises The Claisebrook Design Community at 25 Gladstone Street, Perth.

Choosing the right location as we completed our eighth year of marketing consulting was critical to upholding our identity. Our Perth communications and marketing agency is founded on the idea that good strategy design and ideation is at the heart of every successful business. Our new home is a dynamic co-working space, complete with free-thinking space, meeting rooms, a function centre and a café right downstairs.

While we’ll always have a nostalgic attachment to the small office that enabled us to grow to where we are today, we are so grateful to our clients who travelled this journey with us since day one and got us to where we are today.

Relocating to the Claisebrook Design Community is a significant milestone, and we plan on using this unique space to redefine and enhance our offerings. And with strong growth in digital marketing so too is our emphasis on investing more resources into web development, UX design, SEO copywriting and other corporate digital management solutions.

Our team has the ability to undertake complete digital transformation projects, covering anything from agile product development and UX design to content creation, search optimisation and much, much more!

In short, Gilligan Group has the ability to boost brand reputation, meet changing user habits and exceed expectations.

We warmly invite you to visit our new marketing hub in Perth – or simply give us an email or call to discuss how we can help carry your business and ideas into this period of boundless potential.

As the saying goes, “every end is a new beginning.”

Spaces within the Claisebrook Design Community

An image of a the marketing agency, Gilligan Group's new office space a long table and office chairs
An image of a the marketing agency Gilligan Group's new office space

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