Video Marketing Services

Speak directly to your stakeholders and earn their trust with professional, shareable video content that informs, inspires and builds connections.

Perth videographers and corporate video production

Make your message count with personalised video content.

Video is one of the fasting-growing digital marketing channels, with global online video consumption currently doubling each year.

There’s a reason for this: videos catch and hold attention in a way that written copy and static images are hard-pressed to match. Whether you’re explaining a process, launching a product or giving an investment update, a tailored video message ensures engagement.

Our Filming Process

We work closely with our clients from inception to completion to produce high quality and stunning visual content that draws in and engages the right people.

We take the tension out of filming and have a proven approach which includes:

  • Liaising and brainstorming to establish your target audience and expectations
  • Storyboarding the concept
  • Coordinating filming locations and times
  • An on-site producer experienced in coaching you through the best possible interview
  • Editing footage in-house with rapid turnaround on the final production
  • Supporting the go to market plan – disseminating the content


Display important company information and statistics in the form of video slideshows that are tailored to your brand, using a combination of eye-catching images, captions and transitions.

Video Packages

Give your investors and followers an insight into the going-ons and happenings of your company! Let us capture your business processes and company culture and present them in the form of engaging video content.

Animated Mockups

Allow investors to flip through your print and digital publications, press coverage and view company products through short and dynamic videos.

Get Face to Face With Your Audience Using Video

Share the love

The ability to share, embed and recommend video content means that a single message can spread across blogs and social networks, extending reach and engagement and driving traffic back to your website.

Data shows that mobile users share video content 12 times more than text and images combined, with all of these shares serving to increase the number of eyes on your content and drive greater awareness of your brand.

Make a connection

One of the biggest challenges of doing business in a digital world is making meaningful connections.

Brand loyalty and lasting B2B relationships are built on understanding, which can be difficult when dealing with a faceless web presence. A professional marketing video gives the viewer a real sense of who you are and how you do business, making it easier for them to really listen to what you have to say.

The words you use in a communications strategy are only a small part of the message – your gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice all play a much larger role in inspiring trust and building connections.

Tailored to you

What’s the best video format for your needs?

Sometimes, a simple, direct address to the camera is all that’s needed, but if you’re launching a product or demonstrating a complex service, a multi-camera shoot on location might serve you better.

From interviews to interactive animations, Gilligan Group will work with you to create the corporate video production your clients are waiting for.

The possibilities are endless

Gilligan Group offers the opportunity to:

  • film on site or at our office space
  • create small scale live-action videos- think testimonial videos to be featured on your website or content for your social media on your team culture and capabilities!
  • record using a single or dual camera set up based on your needs
  • edit your content using Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional timeline based editor and industry standard.