Business Transformation Services

Start managing change today to remain competitive long into the future. From comprehensive organisation design to on-the-fly operational improvements, Gilligan Group’s transformation experts will have you exceeding KPIs in no time at all.

Transform the way you do business with technology and process management

You know how to keep your customers happy. We know how to keep you happy. Process design, workplace strategy, business process improvement: transformation has many threads, but the overall goal never changes. Gilligan Group’s transformation offerings make it quicker, easier and more economical to deliver the same level of service your customers have come to expect.

Process design helps streamline efficiency and support the growth of your business

All businesses change over time, but transformation goes beyond gradual or incremental improvements to fundamentally change how a business operates and delivers value to customers. Each step of the transformation process is carefully planned, from improving business processes and increasing existing capabilities to developing new procedures, implementing software systems and recommending appropriate hardware.

Rapid growth is a sign of a successful business, but often leads to an organisation outgrowing non-scalable processes and software as workloads, orders and administration requirements increase. This results in slow turnaround times, incorrect job costings, poor project tracking and other indicators of inefficiency. Well-designed procedures are scalable, efficient and designed for full control, saving you time and money.

Business Process Mapping

A business process is a series of actions that work together to provide something of value. Mapping and documenting these processes transforms a loose collection of habits into a tangible piece of business collateral, allowing for clear-sighted refinements, optimisation and innovation. Business Process Mapping is the first step to a more efficient, effective organisation.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation uses technology to refine, improve or completely rebuild your business’s administration and management processes, resulting in greater efficiency and fewer errors. From ordering and job tracking through to payroll, fulfilment and customer service, integrating digital technology into your business allows for completely visible workflows, informed decision-making and less waste.