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Developing a refreshed web presence and digital strategy to support growth

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Unite Resourcing is a trusted provider of skilled labour hire and recruitment services to the mining, construction and resources sectors. To support the company’s continued expansion – including the opening of a new Victorian office – Gilligan Group developed a wide-ranging strategy focussed on boosting Unite Resourcing’s digital presence. At the centre of this strategy was the creation of a new website with an emphasis on functionality, search engine performance and ease of use.


Unite Resourcing has earned a reputation as one of Western Australia’s leading providers of recruitment services to heavy industry. The opening of the company’s first interstate office in 2020 was the result of steady growth driven by a commitment to quality and safety.

Unfortunately, the Unite Resourcing website wasn’t doing as much heavy lifting as the company itself – a site audit conducted by Gilligan Group revealed multiple issues in hosting, structure and content. The site was performing poorly on search engine rankings as a result of 21-second mobile site load speeds, an unintuitive sitemap and non-existent job search functionality, making it difficult for potential clients to find the site and locate the information they needed.

In order to properly represent Unite Resourcing’s range of services and ensure client engagement, a revitalised web presence was essential.


  • SEO Audit
  • Website Redesign
  • Campaign Management
  • SEO Copywriting
  • JobAdder App Integration

Our Approach

Gilligan Group began with a comprehensive audit of the existing Unite Resourcing site. Some performance and visibility problems were immediately apparent:

  • The site was hosted on international servers, resulting in sub-par loading times for Australian users.
  • The site displayed no external authority. With very few backlinks from trusted domains and a lack of content specific to Unite Resourcing’s services and target industries, there was no reason for search engines to direct traffic to the site.
  • Structure was limited in terms of scope and functionality, with few pages, each too broad in focus.
  • The site’s metadata was non-existent, impeding rankability and click-through rates

The redesign process began with Gilligan Group breaking down Unite Resourcing’s core offerings and using them to develop the pillar pages for a new, more intuitive site architecture.

Next, we conducted a competitor analysis: search terms were generated based on the company’s core offerings and the three highest-ranking sites for each term were examined, with particular attention paid to the competitors’ digital strategies, website design and performance.

With these insights, we redesigned the Unite Resourcing website around the all-new sitemap, directing users from general topic pages to specific, targeted content. We also added enhanced functionality – including an integrated JobAdder app for employment postings – and fresh SEO copy designed to surpass competitors in responding to user intent.

As Unite Resourcing’s core offering is connecting jobseekers to employers, the use of email and other corporate communication is vital to the organisation’s success. To ensure clear, consistent messaging, Gilligan Group undertook a visual refresh, developing enhanced digital branding with new fonts and styled elements. We then went on to create an eight-page capability document for print and digital use, together with a suite of branded corporate templates for candidate profiles and other high-frequency communications. These were integrated with MailChimp for ease of use.

The end result is a clean, highly functional website which is easily found and loads quickly. The site is a key element of Unite Resourcing’s tailored communications system.

The new site looks and feels fantastic – our clients can now find exactly looking for. This is the professional, functional presence our business needs. Gilligan Group were excellent to work with, consulting closely with us and keeping us informed every step of the way.

Aidan Murphy – Managing Director, Unite Resourcing