Perth Marketing Services

Connect with your current and future clients using every marketing channel available. 

A Perth marketing agency that communicates your true identity to the world

Gilligan Group is an agency that understands business. Our diverse, talented team are marketing professionals with real industry experience in areas including finance, mining, journalism, professional services, hospitality, education and business transformation.

Understanding the world of business sets us apart, allowing us to design and implement tailored marketing campaigns that build recognition for your brand and grow your market share.

Marketing is your connection to your customers, allowing you to speak clearly about what you do better than your competition.

Part data, part creativity and entirely essential, marketing is the one element no business can afford to neglect. A well-designed marketing strategy aligns your offerings with the needs of your clients, allowing your business to grow. In an increasingly connected world, it’s vital to plan your messaging, monitor the conversation around your brand and understand the position of your business in the public imagination in order to achieve success. Gilligan Group’s communication and design professionals develop creative answers to marketing problems, working collaboratively to craft a flexible and enduring marketing strategy that will function as a core asset of your business going forward.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is so much more than paying for pop-up advertisements. Combining elements of branding, messaging, design and public relations, our digital marketers disseminate your message through websites, social networks, blogs and other online media to build brand awareness, generate traction and make genuine connections with new and returning customers.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation makes it easier for people to find your business. We have a range of analytic tools to help us identify the languages, design elements and web features that will help your business to rank highly and direct customers to engage with your site. Our SEO specialists understand the algorithms behind Google and other leading search engines and know how to move your site up the ranks.

Copywriting Services

Good copywriting is both an art and a science. Our writers use data analysis to identify the words and phrases that will connect customers to your offerings, then craft content with the right tone and messaging to communicate with your audience. Well-written messages make the difference between scrolling onwards and a successful conversion.

Social Media Management

A curated social media presence is one of the most effective marketing tools available. The ability to connect and engage directly with the public provides immediate feedback, delivers real-time market data and enables you to reinforce and project your brand personality. Our social media managers take the hassle out of social media marketing with clear, data-backed messaging and proven engagement tactics.

Our Capabilities


From colouring, design elements and typography through to straplines and style guides, we develop brand guides that reflect your organisation's values.


From metadata to location information, every element of your website is designed to drive traffic in your direction and convert page views to real connections.


Gilligan Group’s strength lies in thinking differently, embracing the unorthodox along with the tried and true.