Digital Transformation Perth

Transparency, tracking and trend reporting are up; errors, delays and complaints are down. Experience the digital difference.

Bring your business out of the dark ages with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into administration and management processes, fundamentally reconfiguring the ways in which your business operates and delivers value to stakeholders.

When a business moves towards adopting technology, it’s often in the direction of manufacturing, ordering or customer service, with the adoption of a new mobile app or faster production-line machinery. While progress of this sort is vital in an increasingly digital world, it falls short of the fundamental process-based change involved in Digital Transformation.

How can Digital Transformation help my business?

Digital Transformation begins with a problem and a goal. The first step is to understand where your business is now: what’s causing wastage? Which resources are not being utilised effectively? Where do errors occur, and why?

The next step is to set a clear goal: where do you want your business to be? What do you want your procedures to look like? What do you want the customer experience to look like? When the goals have been established, we can work on closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Typically, clients undertake Digital Transformation projects to increase efficiency, to reduce stress and uncertainty and to develop a deeper understanding of how interconnected business processes function, enabling greater monitoring and optimisation.

What’s involved in Digital Transformation?

Once goals and requirements have been established, the Digital Transformation process begins. We begin by mapping out current business processes and identifying where digital technology can be applied to the greatest benefit.

Next, we take an in-depth look at the existing workflows in your business, seeking out bottlenecks, common errors and other inefficiencies. Based on these issues, we identify software and hardware solutions that would address current requirements and provide for future scalability.

We then develop a project plan, outlining the deliverables, resources and milestones. The new technology and processes are integrated, complete with process documentation and training of team members.

Digital Transformation Projects

Digital Project Management software

Project management software integrates planning, tracking, timekeeping and communication capabilities to provide an all-in-one management solution. Tasks, goals, responsibilities and deadlines are integrated on one platform, eliminating reduplication of admin work and reducing the odds of errors or omissions. Project management software can be implemented on existing systems or combined with new hardware such as networked tablets or interactive whiteboards to fully transform the workspace.

Electronic timesheets

Managing staff pay and schedules electronically reduces administration time and allows for real-time tracking of worked hours and projects, leading to improved quoting and decision-making. In most cases, this will also translate to cash flow improvements and greater compliance tracking. Electronic timesheets can be easily integrated with existing hardware or implemented as part of a bespoke system delivering increased ease-of-use.