Corporate SEO Services

The Science Behind the Search. People are searching for your business – help them find it with our corporate SEO services.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures your business is found by the right people at the right time.

Google and other search engines use ever-changing algorithms to deliver results to their users, and our Perth-based team of SEO copywriters make it their business to understand the science behind the search and help connect you to your clients.

Our SEO copywriting services direct customers to you

A great-looking website can be impressive, but without well-written content optimised for search engines, no-one will find it. Our corporate SEO service helps put your website in front of qualified ‘searchers’, those who are at the end of the buying cycle or decision-making process, by harnessing advanced search optimisation tools to pinpoint the perfect keywords for inclusion in page content. They are also worked into the metadata of each web page, so when users search for these keywords or related phrases – known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) terms – your website will be earmarked as a strong reference point in your area of expertise and rank above your competitors.

We can make you an authority

Google doesn’t just focus on key words. Authority (the degree to which your SEO content appears organic and trustworthy) is fast becoming one of the most important factors in connecting search engine users to the correct content. It’s not enough to load up on buzzwords or repeat figures – content must be well-crafted and readable in order to reach the right people. At Gilligan Group, we keep abreast of how Google thinks. Our corporate SEO service will make you an authority and connect you with clients.

Not sure how to rank higher in search engine results?

In the last four years, the number of people searching “restaurants near me” on Google has grown by 1100%. Clients increasingly use search engines to research their choices before making a decision, so in 2021, it’s more important than ever to understand how search engines find results. In a sense, both your business and the people searching for it are customers of the search engine, which has only a limited amount of time to crawl each website and deliver its results. Luckily, Gilligan Group can help. With concise, high-quality content crafted by our SEO copywriting team, we make life easier for search engines and deliver organic traffic growth to your website.

Tune up your online presence with digital audits and SEO research

Are you targeting clients with the right words? A digital audit involves crunching the numbers with dedicated SEO tools to find out who is looking for your services and the key words or search terms they are using. Often, a change in vocabulary is all that’s needed to channel clients towards your services.

Contact the team at Gilligan Group to organise a digital audit, build your authority and attract local search traffic.

The winning formula for a high-ranking site:

  • Conducting a digital audit and running analytics to determine the best SEO terms for your site
  • Crafting concise, engaging content based around your SEO terms
  • Fostering backlinks, connections and community engagement to boost your site’s authority
  • Transforming page views into client contact, purchases or enquiries with fresh, persuasive copy