Business Process Mapping Perth

Free yourself up to focus on what matters by streamlining your business processes. Gilligan Group’s transformative process mapping services reduce administration time and open the door to increased transparency, real-time tracking and greater overall efficiency.

Unlock the Value of your Intangible Assets

People often believe that the value of their business lies only in the goods or services they provide.

At Gilligan Group, we understand that the processes behind these offerings – the knowledge, the experience, the workflows – form an asset that is often far more valuable. Identifying, mapping and refining these processes adds value to your business by increasing efficiency, generating data and creating collateral documentation.

What is a business process?

A business process is simply a collection of tasks that achieve an outcome. When quoting a custom product for a client, for example, the steps might be:

  • create a wireframe or other design plan;
  • estimate the hours required;
  • price the needed materials;
  • calculate the mark-up;
  • prepare the quote; and
  • send it to the client.

This process might seem straightforward, but will all staff members approach it in the same way, or will some people choose different tasks in a different order? Even slight changes in the process can result in delays, inefficiencies or inconsistent client outcomes.

How are business processes mapped?

Mapping allows us to visualise the current business process and understand the complexities involved. This is done by asking questions about why tasks are performed, what benefits they bring and how data is used. In the process, we combine valuable staff experience and other intangible knowledge with concrete assets like workflows, checklists, policies and forms.

Business process mapping begins with an onsite consultation, examining the role of key stakeholders in the following operational processes:

  • Quoting and estimations of hours and purchasing of materials
  • Creation of work orders
  • Project management, including task scheduling and business capacity monitoring
  • Tracking of tasks as they move through the production cycle
  • Job costing
  • Timesheets and utilisation hours
  • Invoicing
  • Work In Progress (WIP) reporting

This examination allows us to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, time delays and errors. Improvements can then be implemented: optimising quoting, scheduling and invoicing, adopting new tools and workflows, and setting out procedures for continuous improvement.

What does a business process mapping report look like?

Following the onsite consultation and review, Gilligan Group crafts a report on the following:

  • The current processes and tasks in each area, together with all related inefficiencies, duplications and bottle necks, their causes and possible areas for improvement.
  • ‘Easy wins’: initial changes that can be implemented with no consulting and no cost.
  • Medium changes, which can be implemented with minimal consulting and minimal cost.
  • Major changes requiring consulting, change management and a budget.
  • Recommendations for software solutions that would be suitable for your business (taking into consideration factors like cyber security, ease of use, support, scalability, integrations and cost).
  • Training recommendations.
  • Process documentation.
  • A detailed outline of the benefits your business will see upon implementing the recommended changes.

To discuss your business processes and begin setting transformation goals, contact Gilligan Group today.