Perth Branding Services

Put your values on display using logos and design elements that connect with clients.

A Perth branding agency that communicates your true identity to the world

Gilligan Group specialises in brand development, logo design and corporate messaging. From colouring, design elements and typography through to straplines and style guides, we develop brand guides that reflect and reinforce the unique goals and drivers behind each organisation.

Our talented designers and strategists lead collaborative discovery and ideation processes, getting to the heart of what your business is about.   

Your brand is your promise to clients, your reputation out on display. Ensuring you match perception to expectation.

Every business begins with an idea. It could be big or small, a product or a service, a breakthrough innovation or a new twist on an old classic. That idea is the core around which the business revolves – people will come and go, premises will change, new markets will open up, but the idea remains. More than just a logo or a font, your brand is the physical representation of that idea, using colours, images and other design elements to communicate your values and goals to the world at large. A well-developed brand is as essential to your business as the products or services you offer.

Brand and Logo Design

The best logos are simple yet memorable, representing your business at a glance and embodying your values. Our professional designers work with you to unearth the true meaning of your brand and create brand marks with visual appeal and genuine meaning, catching and keeping attention in print, digital and video media. 

Brand Style Guide Design

A style guide is more than a set of rules; it is a blueprint for clear, consistent messaging and an invaluable tool in your branding arsenal. Gilligan Group’s design and strategy teams collaborate to create style guides that reflect your business ethos, building trust via font and language choices, formatting, imaging, email guides and more.

Corporate Report and Document Creative

Annual reports are vital for compliance and corporate communications purposes, but also serve as an excellent way to build rapport with shareholders, represent brand values and cultivate trust. Our professional content and design teams take dry data and financials and craft engaging annual reports, delivering key results and takeaways with care.

Signage and Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibitions, conferences and other in-person functions remain unparalleled in their ability to deliver face-to-face contact with clients, business contacts and prospective partners. A well-designed exhibition stand or banner can be the difference between a missed connection and a long-lasting business relationship, so let our talented design team create something eye-catching and professional for your next event.

Our Capabilities


Part data, part creativity and completely essential, marketing is the one element no business can afford to neglect.


From metadata to location information, every element of your website is designed to drive traffic in your direction and convert page views to real connections.


Gilligan Group’s strength lies in thinking differently, embracing the unorthodox along with the tried and true.